Ukrainian adoptee accused by Indiana moms and dads to be a woman that is 33-year-old out

Natalia Barnett, an orphan with dwarfism, started as much as Dr. Phil within an interview that is exclusive the accusations mail order wives against her by her used moms and dads. Barnett’s used moms and dads, Kristine Barnett, 45, and Michael Barnett, 43, think she lied about her age and had been really a 22- and even a 33-year-old girl.

A Ukrainian female used by the Indiana couple – and soon after abandoned they claimed to have learned she lied about her age and was actually a 22- or even a 33-year-old woman – says the bizarre allegations against her aren’t true by them after.

Thursday Natalia Barnett, an orphan with dwarfism, opened up about the accusations in an interview with Dr. Phil scheduled to air on his talk show. Her story drew attention nationwide in September, when her parents that are adoptive Kristine Barnett, 45, and Michael Barnett, 43, had been each faced with two counts of neglect of a reliant stemming from their proceed to Canada in 2013 — without Natalia, in accordance with detectives.

The Barnetts, that are now divorced, used Natalia this season and a health care provider determined she ended up being estimated become around 8 years of age. Natalia told the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department in September 2014 that she stumbled on the U.S. “through an use” in 2008 from her indigenous Ukraine and therefore the Barnetts adopted her 2 yrs later on.

Natalia Barnett informs Dr. Phil she just wants

She stated she lived utilizing the Barnetts for approximately couple of years in Hamilton County. A skeletal study taken at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in 2012 estimated Natalia’s age become 11, based on WISH-TV.

But that same year, the Barnetts changed Natalia’s appropriate age to 22, and, right after, relocated to Canada. Although the couple apparently rented Natalia a flat in Lafayette, Ind., she knew nobody within the town, and had been kept without any method of economic help. She ended up being fundamentally evicted in 2014, of which point she ended up being apparently drawn in by next-door next-door neighbors.

Natalia claims she’s gotn’t heard of Barnetts since the country was left by them. The set made a slew of strange accusations up against the Ukrainian, claiming the expected adult had been simply posing as a young girl. Kristine told the news headlines place in that Natalia had been identified being a psychopath and sociopath and stated her use had been a “scam. September”

The Barnetts recently told ABC Information’ “Good America” they believe Natalia could be as old as 33 morning.

The host asks Natalia if she actually is a “33-year-old scam musician. Inside her meeting with Dr. Phil”

“she actually is painted you as a dwarf that is evil’s gonna poison their coffee or stab them within their sleep. You are said by them scammed them, lied regarding the age and terrorized them, ” Dr. Phil claims, to which Natalia replies through rips: “It is not the case at all. “

Michael Barnett, 43, and Kristine Barnett, 45, had been faced with youngster neglect after abandoning their used child to fend while they moved to Canada for herself in Indiana. (Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Workplace)

“Why did they wish to be rid of you therefore poorly? A 6- or 7-year-old kid residing in a flat alone for per year? That is not believable in my experience, ” he states. “I guess it comes down right down to whether or otherwise not you’re a wicked psychopath demon kid which is come over here to murder everybody. “

The Ukranian female of an indeterminate age states she simply desires “people to listen to my part. “

A week ago, a judge in Tippecanoe County, Ind., granted a gag purchase in the event, telling the Barnetts they can not talk about Natalia’s medical, psychological or training documents in news interviews because such characteristics causes pretrial promotion that helps it be difficult to acquire impartial jurors.

The few may, but, talk about the allegations and their protection generally speaking terms, so long as their reviews try not to impugn the couple’s used daughter, the judge said.

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